Saturday, 17 February 2007

Ready to begin

We have become conscious of a broader canvas than the one upon which we all live our day-to-day lives.
Where has our awakening placed us?
What does our awareness now encompass?

We have become aware of something “other”: - a presence.
We are aware that this awareness is undeniable, and that it is fed by our own acceptance of it, as well as by God’s own presence within it.
We have become conscious of our own belief, and have learned that to proceed without maintaining this new level of awareness may lead us into danger. This in itself is not a source of fear, as we also suspect it to be well-nigh impossible to retreat from where we now find ourselves.
It may also have occurred to us that we cannot imagine this awareness coming to an end: - intimations of timeless possibilities.
We are becoming aware of gifts we have already received, and of just how great some of these gifts may be.
The realization that everything is a gift is dawning within us.

We sense we may have something to give: something that, one day, may enable us to awaken and raise this same awareness in others.
We are ready to notice the needs of others, and are starting to recognize our own need for support and fellowship. Some such support may already be sensed in our new awareness of not being alone on our journey, though we know that much of it will be experienced as being alone.
There are others feeling all that we feel. There are other solitary minds close by.

Awareness is the ground without which we can never even dream of a harvest.
It awaits the plough and the harrow; much needs to be done before it is ready for the sower, but we have found the right ground. We stand on fertile soil.

We have journeyed to a point where we are ready to begin a journey; we are awake, alert, and aware of our existence in ways we had never previously imagined.
We have walked away from edges, found ourselves close to edges, and arrived unawares at edges during our apparently aimless wandering, but now, in the comparative clarity of a spiritual dawn, we know there is a journey to be made.
Apprehension remains, yet the certainty of the presence drawing us into the unknown outweighs all thoughts and ability to return to the safety of our previous denial.
We are called endlessly to approach the very edge of our understanding; to follow our awareness wherever it may lead.

If any of this is meant to be part of your journey, I trust that your awareness has been awakened, and your faith is kindled within you.
I feel that the initial and essential awareness has now been dealt with.
We have a long but astounding walk ahead of us; I look forward to it, and I hope we will keep company with each other as we place our trust in the call we each hear: the call that will bring us to the ultimate realization, understanding and peace we each long for.

Lent is about to begin.
I have need of the quiet reflection, self examination and repentance that are encouraged during this time.
Where this may lead I do not know.
I hope to continue posting during this time, but I am determined not to commit to anything.
The directions in which I (in which any of us) may be led during Lent cannot be anticipated: they are unknown, and from my previous experience can be unexpected and deeply life changing.
Whatever may be in store for us, be assured that it will have meaning.
It will be a part of God’s preparation and purification of us: an essential stage of our growth towards our true selves.

Hold tight to your faith, and linger in your new-found ability to pray.
Remain in touch with Him: Share your life with Him: communicate – speak to Him: pray to Him.

“… Ask and it will be given to you; search , and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you.” (Luke 11:9)


About Me

Who I am should be, and should remain, of little consequence to you. Who you are is what matters; who you are meant to be is what should matter most to you. In coming closer to my own true self, I have gradually been filled with the near inexpressible: I have simply become "brim full", and my words to you are drawn from those uttered within myself, as part of an undeniable overflowing that brings a smile to my every dusk, and to my every new dawn.
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