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Life is tied in with matter just as an unborn child is tied in with his or her mother.
Laying aside the reality of today’s fertility and other scientific research and practice, as well as our awareness of today’s increasingly accepted lowering of moral standards with regard to sexual activity, and the criminal doubting of the validity of life within the womb, we inevitably look at this in a simplistic manner.

That in itself, however, is not a good reason for not looking. However complicated we may make it appear, truth and simplicity are inseparable. Absolute truth is absolute simplicity, and, in spite of mankind’s growing belief in his own rapid accumulation of knowledge, absolute simplicity remains far beyond our comprehension.

Regardless of the clearly simplistic nature of the statement, the child’s life was begun as the product of its parents’ love.
They themselves live a physical life inseparable from their bodies and the world around them, and the life they have enabled (not created) through their union, must grow within the safety and nurture of its own developmental universe: the womb.
The womb itself exists for that reason alone, to support life and to provide all that will be needed for the growth and the phenomenal advance in complexity, ability and potential of that life, until it is ready and able to leave that confinement to begin a whole new form of existence: a life which can be lived only by separating itself from all that has gone before.
What had been the child’s universe has passed into an unrecalled past. The new beginning, the new life, becomes all that it can believe, conceive or imagine; the only graspable possibility is that this is all there ever was, all there is, and all there will be. Awareness of a whole new world develops, but, as within the womb, the sum total of what will be learned of the wonder and the purpose of its environment is less than the dimmest glint, of the faintest tint, of the merest hint of what that cosmos contains. And yet, if it were possible to acquire all knowledge of the entire physical creation as we now suppose it to be, we may still know nothing of its purpose, nor of that in which it is contained, until, as with leaving the womb, we have developed to the point where we can only live by leaving it all behind.

Just as entropy may eventually conquer all physical activity and all matter in our universe, life itself will carry mankind, and each of us as an individual life focus, actual and potential, beyond that ultimately meaningless conclusion. Mankind was created and born into this world, this universe, through the love of God, to develop into what we were made to become: Spiritual beings. The Spiritual life is made for a Spiritual world; our new life in another unimagined existence awaits, and He who walked among us two thousand years ago, knew, by incomprehensible and unimaginable means, far more of what is to come than any other physical being.

He has taught us and led us.
His Spirit remains among us, and would dwell within each of us.
He teaches us still, and waits to lead us.
He still reaches His hand out to us, with the words, “Come, follow me.”

I have already admitted that the above is simplistic.
As cited in the Oxford English Dictionary, the earliest (1881) known use of the word as meaning ‘characterized by (extreme) simplicity’, is, “The facts of nature and of life are more apt to be complex than simple. Simplistic theories are generally one sided and partial.”
Quite so. The second sentence is simple and true, and the truth it conveys is unchanging.
The same applies to the first sentence; the facts of nature and of life are more apt to be complex than simple, but this is true only through the eyes of our minds as used today.
Where mankind is constantly in danger of misdirecting itself is in the ongoing inability to appreciate and interpret what we perceive as paradox, as demonstrated by the scientific delving (wonderful though it be) into ever greater complexities within the already known complexity. I believe there is something immense before us, but we have completely missed it; we do not have the eyes to see, and few, it seems, are even trying to look.
There is a profound simplicity underlying all this complexity, but until we know how and where to search it will remain lost to us.
Likewise, those simple matters not regarded as worthy of deep examination, study and thought, may hide a miraculous complexity from which the key to understanding the hidden simplicity and permanence of life may well be wrought.

‘For the Lord has infused you with a spirit of lethargy,
He has closed your eyes (the prophets),
He has veiled your heads (the seers).
For to you every vision has become like the words of a sealed book.
You give it to someone able to read and say, “Read that.” He replies, “I cannot, because it is sealed.”
You then give the book to someone who cannot read, and say, “Read that.” He replies, “I cannot read.” (Isaiah 29:10-12)

The eventual revelation of all answers will come through our journeying to our destination; it is among the places into which we shall be led, but only if we allow Him to lead.

Come! Let us follow.


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